Personal Portal - custom drawn energy supported piece of art - size 30 x 30 cm


I will be honored to channel your very own Personal Portal just for you. Its main job will be to connect you to higher frequencies - to your higher self, to your Spirit Team and Source and also provide healing and support exactly where and when you need it.

You can meditate with it, have it on your altar or in any space where you feel like the energies need to be lifted up and cleared.

I connect to my Creative Team in Spirit and my Higher Self to get guidance on what to draw. They always work with your Team and I have full trust that you will receive exactly what you need.

What you see pictured here, is just an example of how such a portal can look like. I don't know in advance how yours will look like and you, by placing an order (commissioning me to draw you a Personal Portal) fully agree with such a way of working and know that you cannot ask for refund if you will not like what you will receive.

I can only do a few of these per month which is why you can spot the “sold” sign on the listings.

These portals are usually made with dry pastels, colored pencils or graphite but other mediums can be worked into them as well. Basically, they are “mixed media” pieces of energy supported art. This is because I can only know what to use when I receive the image in my minds eye.

Please note, that it takes from 3 to 8 weeks for me to finish your portal and send it off to you.

Finished drawing will be packaged carefully and sent in a special cardboard box. Tracking and priority air mail are included in shipping price.

Due to the nature of this item being completely customly made I cannot offer refunds.